SLC Lantern Festival

SLC Lantern Festival

Traditionally you are supposed to send you worries an wishes off into the sky during a lantern festival, so that is exactly what I did.

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Chicago for Labor Day Weekend

While Ben and I were dating we had tickets to go to Chicago together, however we ended up breaking up (for a time) a week or so before ever going on that trip. So I’ve been waiting for him to make it up to me. And when his best friend and wife hinted that they may not live there much longer we quickly got our tickets.  This was my first time to Chicago. It was short and mostly full of friend time, but it was perfect. Below are some of the highlights.

Cubs Game

Cubs Game

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park

Walking dogs

Ben pretending to be a dog owner

Lake Michigan

Picnic at Lake Michigan

Church at the school

We had church at an elementary school. The lockers were all painted with murals. This dim picture is my favorite because you can see Ben’s shirt is untucked. He has been chasing our friend’s daughter all around the halls to keep her entertained.


The infamous Bean

Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

Architecture Boat Tour – Willis Tower

Lincoln Park Zoo Mold-a-rama

Ben took me to the Lincoln Park Zoo so I could make one of these wax animals in the mold-a-rama. The zoo was free and awesome!

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my music mix as of late

Brandon Flowers – Between Me & You

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A new work adventure: TA to McCann

Over two years ago I moved to SLC to work for ThomasARTS, an ad agency where I met my husband.  Recently, I accepted a new position with a larger agency called MRM // McCann .  This was a bittersweet experience for me as I so loved my time, experience, and friendships at TA.  However, McCann has already shown me some great times. I hope to continue to learn more and I’m grateful for my opportunities.  Thanks ThomasARTS for some good times, and thanks McCann for the new opportunities that lie ahead.



TA 2

McCann SLC

First Day at MRM//McCann SLC

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Lake + Ben

So I kind of love the lake.  My best friend growing up would take me to Lake Powell with her family every year and so this is where my love began (I mean who doesn’t love Lake Powell).  For me, lake water completely beats out ocean water any day. I love to play in it which is not usually the case for the ocean.  I love boating, jet skiing, wake boarding, etc. Essentially, all the lake entails makes me happy.  So when I finally got to combine the lake and Ben together (thanks to Ben’s family vacation) I was thrilled.  We went up to Jordanelle park (near Park City) and played in the cold lake for the day.  It was a blast! Below are some of the pics we were able to take while living up our wildest lake adventures. Now I just need to get Ben to Lake Powell.

Jordanelle Lake

Jordanelle Tubing



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Weekend Vacations

Ben & I have been on a lot of weekend vacations lately.  I would say it has been AMAZING, but Ben got sick with bronchitis during the start of these trips, which found its way to me not long after. So at least one of us felt miserable during each of these weekend vacations.  Nonetheless, they were fun enough trips that we have to share the highlights below via picture.

SAN DIEGO (Memorial Day weekend)

Hotel del Coronado

M first time at Hotel del Coronado

Getting Breakfast

Getting Breakfast

A usual scene at the table

A usual scene at the table

Ben & the LDS temple

Ben & the LDS temple

My first time inside the SD LDS Temple

My first time inside the SD LDS Temple

Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs


Frontier Land

The men in Frontier land showing their skills

Disney Turkey Leg

First Disney Turkey Leg = terror

Disney Turkey Leg2

But I soon found some major love for it…

hoodie family

Hoodie Family

California Lovin'

California Adventure Land

California Land 2

SEATLLE (My first time)

Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies


Friday Harbor

San Juan Islands – Friday Harbor

My husband is a babe

My husband is a babe

Seattle Japanese Tea Garden

Ben feeding the Koi at the Japanese Tea Garden

Seattle LDS Temple

Seattle LDS Temple

Utah in Seattle

Home near the Safeco baseball stadium

The Seattle Troll

The Seattle Troll

Alki beach donuts

Alki beach + Top Pot donuts


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Ben’s Birthday

Ben had a birthday, so we got to party. We started his birthday eating breakfast with my lovely brother and his family as they were staying with us on there way moving back to Las Vegas.  It was a wonderful start to the day.  Later, we ate at Valter Osteria’s, a real ritzy Italian restaurant.  This place is classy beyond measure and they expect you to eat a 3-4 course meal which no one has a stomach for! Ben and I were not classy enough for this but we did order at least 2 courses each — that includes us each getting our own appetizer upon their request! Overall we were not too impressed with the pastas we ordered, BUT we loved the open, lit ambiance, the fact that the owner welcomed us and bid as farewell (as long as everyone else in the restaurant), the free bruschetta, the overwhelmingly delicious and never ending bread and olive oil/vinegar dip, the waiters preparing your pasta in front of you, and the complimentary appetizer’s everyone gets – bruschetta and a shot glass full of drinking chocolate. We took a picture outside on the way back to the car (like we did last year for his bday).  In the process we stumbled upon an old classmate I had in my first ever communications class. It was fun to see her again so well.

Valter Osteria

Valter Osteria 2

Valter Osteria Dessert

Birthday photo

After this I surprised Ben with a surprise birthday party.  We had his friends over for ice cream cake (his favorite).  Apparently Ben had never had a surprise birthday before and somehow I was sneaky enough for him not to find out so it turned out pretty good – plus Ben has some of the sweetest friends who made it such a blast.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful and fun friends. All in all, Ben’s birthday was a blast – or at least it was for me.  I’m so grateful he was born when he was and that I get to celebrate all the rest of his birthdays with him!

Surprise Party

Baskin Robbins Oreo Ice Cream Cake


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